Le Monsieur, Le Vampire et Renée Marcelle TEASER from Oscar Alvarado on Vimeo.


Le Monsieur, Le Vampire et Renée Marcelle is the new animated short by Oscar Alavarado now in Gothic Studios. This project is produced and animated only by Oscar and Martha Vaquera.

THE STORY- This is the story of two young art students in the Paris of 1920. One day, a strange man it appears in their lifes. He is a vampire and is in love about Renée. Le Monsieur is an obstacle and the vampire tries to erease his presence. The story, in a very gothic style, is about the love, and how the love can survive after and across the dead.

THE MUSIC- The music by Franz Schubert and others classics is interpreted by Patricia García Torres. A very important mexican pianist. Her piano interpretations they give to the short, a romantic and classic atmosphere.

In the musical theme part, the collaboration of Theatres Des Vampires, the most important italian goth band, it grants to the project, the strong and gothic style.

THE PRODUCTION- The entire short is made with BLENDER. An open source application developed by the BLENDER FOUND in Amsterdam, Holand. This gives to Oscar the chance to keep his work in the independent scene. The final short will be presented for first time in the Blender Conference 2009 in Amsterdam.